Rushmore PAC postcard in SD District 9 State Senate Race: Stop Suzie Jones Pranger, the Political Operative

This week the Rushmore PAC sent a postcard in the District 9 State Senate race pointing out something that  local media seems to be ignoring.

That when the South Dakota Democrat Party/ Hillary Clinton money shuffle that the FEC took them to task for was going on, it was Suzie Pranger, a highly partisan liberal Democrat political operative who was Executive Director of the Democrat party at the time.

While state Democrats might like someone who knows how to move money around for Hillary Clinton, and not report receiving 2.5 million from her, it’s not a pre-qualifier for the State Senate.

Rushmore PAC endorses first group of South Dakota candidates for 2020 election cycle

The Rushmore PAC is proud to endorse our first group of South Dakota candidates in the 2020 election cycle, and we look forward to celebrating their victories this coming November.

A note from Dan Lederman, Chairman of Rushmore PAC

Dear Friend,

As we move forward after the holiday season, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the success we have had over the past years, and take a moment to thank you for your support of Rushmore PAC.

Rushmore PAC has proven itself to be a valuable asset to advance conservative principles. At our height in the 2014 cycle, we raised and contributed over one-hundred fifty thousand dollars to candidates who believed in the conservative values of peace through strength, energy independence, and a balanced budget at all levels of government

I see that we have accomplished so much, but we have so much more to accomplish.

The Trump Administration has done a good deal to advance Rushmore PAC’s ideals. From the Administration’s leadership at the United Nations, unwavering support of Israel, support of our allies around the globe, moves toward energy independence, protection of American borders, fighting for American sovereignty, and support of American jobs and businesses we have seen tremendous progress.

Rushmore PAC is coming back, and it will be bigger and better than ever! We need to rebuild ahead of the critical 2020 elections including the re-election of South Dakota’s US Senator Mike Rounds and Congressman Dusty Johnson. Once again, we will have one-third of the US Senate up for election, and the entire US House of Representatives at stake. Democrats and their allies have drawn a target on taking back the Presidency, and we must not waver in our convictions.

I am asking for your support. Your generosity will allow me to continue to fight for the values and beliefs that we share and will help to create a sustainable organization to support other conservatives across the country who share our vision of a stronger America.

Thank you for your friendship and your support.

God Bless America,

Dan Lederman
Chairman, Rushmore PAC

Keystone XL Construction areas preparing for protests by radical groups who seek to stop pipeline

The Associated Press is reporting that officials in Butte County, South Dakota are preparing for radical leftist protesters whose sole aim is to stop the progress the country has seen in energy independence after the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline after president Trump took office:

Part of the pipeline is slated to be built through the northeastern corner of Butte County. The county currently holds its inmates at the Meade County Jail in Sturgis. The pipeline will also run through that county.

Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere said he’s concerned that the jail would fill up quickly should civil disturbances occur. He expects other nearby areas to also have limited space, so officials struck an agreement with a county nearly 270 miles east.

Read it all here.

Recognizing the logistic headaches that anti-energy protesters inflicted upon North Dakotans during their siege of the Dakota Access Pipeline, officials are pre-planning the housing of those who may try to commit acts of trespass, property damage, or in a worst case scenario, become violent.

At one point, North Dakota cleanup crews removed an incredible 48 million pounds of garbage and debris from the Dakota Access protest camp in March of 2017 – and they still had more garbage to go.

South Dakota county officials would be well advised to continue with their preparations. With North Dakota as a preview of what’s ahead, it could be a bumpy ride!

President Trump signs Asia Reassurance Initiative Act to heighten security in Pacific theater

In response to concerns over the security of American and her allies in the Pacific, President Donald Trump signed into law the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA), which passed the U.S. Senate earlier in December of this past year.

The act “establishes a multifaceted U.S. strategy to increase U.S. security, economic interests, and values in the Indo-Pacific region,” according to the White House.

Specifically, the ARIA will authorize $1.5 billion in spending for a range of U.S. programs in East and Southeast Asia and “develop a long-term strategic vision and a comprehensive, multifaceted, and principled United States policy for the Indo-Pacific region, and for other purposes.”

The ARIA includes multiple provisions and largely supports the Trump administration’s own National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy documents, both of which have identified the Indo-Pacific as a strategic region of particular priority.

Read the entire story here.

As noted in the story, The act “draws attention to U.S. relations with China, India, the ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and Northeast Asian allies Japan and South Korea.”

This move comes as China has started saber rattling over South China Sea, Taiwanese independence and US trade, which President Trump has taken a hard line on, with administration officials countering that “China has not fundamentally altered its unfair, unreasonable and market-distorting practices.

Editorial: Donald Trump first president in decades to move America towards energy independence

We saw this article a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share it with you, because it underlines the work that President Trump is doing to move our country towards energy independence, and it doesn’t mean following well trod paths that haven’t worked:

President Donald Trump took office and announced a radical departure from 50 years of received energy “wisdom.” In a speech to the Energy Department months after taking office, he said that for decades leaders peddled the myth of energy scarcity. Most of it is self-imposed, he said. What the country needs, he said, isn’t “alternative” energy, or new austerity measures. It’s a government that “promotes energy development.” Trump listed actions he was taking to lift federal impediments to energy production.

Lo and behold, Trump was right.

Advanced drilling technologies have opened vast expanses of domestic oil and natural gas. And as domestic production skyrocketed, imports have been steadily dropping.

Trump doesn’t deserve the credit for this boom. Oil companies do. But unlike his predecessors, Trump understands that energy independence doesn’t require yet another “energy plan” that tells people to wear more sweaters in the winter and wastes money on “new” energy sources.

It just requires government to get out of the way so that oil companies can get at the vast supplies of good old oil and gas right under U.S. soil.

Read the entire article here.

Rushmore PAC campaign team working hard in Watertown

A great group of young people (and young at heart) are in Watertown today working hard for Mayor Steve Thorson’s campaign. Give us a honk if you see us as you drive by!

Rushmore PAC working hard to elect conservatives to office. Pushing hard in Watertown, SD for Steve Thorson for Mayor.

As one of South Dakota’s leading conservative organizations, Rushmore PAC is committed to supporting candidates who support conservative values in both word and deed. For several election cycles now, Rushmore PAC has worked hard to elect conservative voices to office in State, Federal, and Local Elections and recently, we’ve been pushing hard to re-elect a conservative voice in Watertown, South Dakota.

Watertown Mayor Steve Thorson has been a driving force for growth and free enterprise. When community projects were in danger of floundering, Mayor Steve Thorson took notice, and made it happen.

Unfortunately, there are those who stand against progress. After being fired from her job with the city for insubordination, Sarah Caron took out petitions to run against the mayor, and has been engaged in a negative campaign, making unsubstantiated charges and allegations to gain traction.

Shortly thereafter, local Watertown residents contacted Rushmore PAC, and helped us spring into action to counter the attack politics of Caron which unfortunately have become more common in campaigns today.

With the encouragement of local residents, we’ve been running newspaper ads, radio ads, and a series of mailers highlighting Thorson’s positive record of growth through development and economic freedom.

The Watertown race represents the most recent local election we’ve been involved in, having previously been engaged in municipal races in Iowa & South Dakota, including the Rapid City Mayoral race, as well as a local Aberdeen election where we raised money to stop the most liberal Democrat in South Dakota, after he took out petitions only days after moving to the community!

We’ve also long been engaged in State elections such as Governor and Attorney General, and State Legislative elections, as well as races at the Federal level, such as Congress & US Senate. Our local leaders are our future Senators and Congressmen, and we’re proud to help elect the right people to office at every level of Government.

Unlike some groups, the Rushmore PAC Organization is an open book, and our filings, including lists of our donors, are available for review through the FEC as well as the South Dakota Secretary of State.

On election day, you will have the opportunity to send a true conservative back to City Hall to fight for limited government, community growth, and making sure Watertown continues progressing forward for years to come.

This coming Tuesday, encourage your friends in Watertown, South Dakota to Re-Elect a Leader for Watertown – Mayor Steve Thorson!

Thank you President Trump – Keystone XL Pipeline Approved

In one fell swoop, President Donald Trump wiped away 8 years of obstruction of infrastructure and energy independence from the Federal Government, and approved the Keystone XL Pipeline:

The United States has issued a presidential permit for TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL oil pipeline, the Canadian company said on Friday, ending a years-long battle between environmentalists and the industry over whether Washington should approve it.

U.S. President Donald Trump will announce the permit alongside TransCanada (TRP.TO) Chief Executive Officer Russell Girling at the White House later Friday, according to a senior administration official. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said a Keystone XL announcement would come at 10:15 a.m. EDT.


Trump, however, campaigned on a promise to approve it, saying it would create thousands of jobs and help the oil industry, and signed an executive order soon after taking office in January to advance the project.

The multibillion-dollar Keystone XL pipeline would bring more than 800,000 barrels per day of heavy crude from Canada’s oil sands in Alberta into Nebraska, linking to an existing pipeline network feeding U.S. refineries and ports along the Gulf of Mexico.

Read it here.

This is why we needed President Trump. Because the rule of law was absent for far too long for a project that had dotted every “i” and crossed every “t,” and met every regulatory hurdle against it… only to have President Barack Obama & his administration continue to move the bar.

If we are to truly be great as a country again, we need not be afraid of “big ideas” like the Keystone XL project. Yes, wind, solar and nuclear are all good, and their development needs to be supported. But in the meantime, we need oil and coal as well, and should encourage projects that keep energy affordable for our nation, and not beholding to foreign powers for our supply.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is now stamped “Approved!”  Thank you President Trump.

Congratulations to Dan Lederman, newly elected chair of the South Dakota Republican Party


Rushmore PAC offers congratulations to PAC Chair Dan Lederman for his election today to the position of Chairman of the South Dakota Republican Party.

Running on a message of “Three M’s – Money, Message, and Membership, Dan was selected by a majority of members of the South Dakota Republican Central Committee at their annual meeting in Pierre.

Dan assumes his volunteer duties with the South Dakota Republican Party immediately, with his term of office running through February of 2019.