Midwest-based Rushmore PAC relishes increasing influence in national elections

Midwest-based Rushmore PAC relishes increasing influence in national elections


Sioux Falls, SD. In a display of its growing influence on the national political stage, the South Dakota based Rushmore PAC announced the results of its efforts in this years’ midterm election cycle. Touting a 100% win rate in the fall elections, the Rushmore PAC is very proud to have supported candidates nationwide ranging from Corey Gardner in Colorado to Mike Rounds in South Dakota.


“The Rushmore PAC stands for fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual rights,” stated Executive Director Doug Gold. “We got aggressive this cycle in seeking out candidates nationwide that embody these principles and could not be prouder of the investments we made in such stellar candidates,” added Mr. Gold. “We are especially looking forward to the change in leadership in the United States Senate, the hopes of forward momentum for our issues, and legislative initiatives which reflect the principles we stand by,” Mr. Gold said in closing.


lederman_newPAC’s, short for Political Action Committees, are political organizations where groups of people raise money privately and contribute to candidates in hopes of promoting candidates or legislation, especially at the federal level.


“Our PAC, while domiciled in South Dakota, has a national focus with the goal of supporting candidates across our great Country who believe in our principles,” stated Chairman and Founder Dan Lederman. “Our supporters from around the Country endorse this view, which is why we financially supported remarkable Senate candidates like Mike Rounds (SD), Tom Cotton (AK) and Corey Gardner (CO), as well as our friends in the House like Sean Duffy (WI), Steven King (IA) and Martha McSally (AZ),” added Mr. Lederman.

“In South Dakota, we made strong efforts to educate voters about the differences between Mike Rounds and his opponents. It was especially important to counter misinformation coming from big East Coast liberal PACs who had dedicated millions in an attempt to distort the news cycle, and confuse voters about the Weiland record. We’re proud to have focused resources, and to make it right.”

“Also important to our donors, we were able to accomplish our goals with overhead at no more than 5% of what was donated. The Rushmore PAC runs a very lean operation, and we make sure that our donor funds go to what they intend it for – and that’s for promoting a conservative, pro-business and pro-energy government,” Lederman added.

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