Rushmore PAC starts ad campaign directed at Weiland hypocrisy.

Rushmore PAC starts ad campaign directed at Weiland hypocrisy.

After campaigning on the premise of “telling the billionaires and special interests that they can’t buy South Dakota” it turns out that 63% of Mr. Weiland’s campaign donations have come from out of state and that ads attacking his opponent, Mike Rounds, came from dark money and Soros funding.

lederman_newSouth Dakota State Senator Dan Lederman and the Rushmore Political Action Committee are taking direct action to educate the public, and to pierce through the hype to educate voters about the political advertisements that out-of-State PACs have been filling state airwaves with.

“Our PAC, domiciled in South Dakota, has the goal of supporting candidates who believe in our principles and the notion that we must reverse the trend of lies and hypocrisy coming out of Washington,” stated Chairman and Founder Dan Lederman. “Other like-minded South Dakotans are fed up with the hypocrisy coming out of Washington, as the big money DC special interests seek to add one of their own in Rick Weiland to the ranks of double talkers who do one thing in Washington, and another back home. We’re here to tell the truth.”

“We can’t send another hypocrite to Washington who is going to blindly follow Harry Reid, who has Washington in a logjam by refusing to let legislation move forward. On one hand Rick Weiland has disavowed big money, but on the other his campaign brags about how they know all the big money players. At some point, someone has to call foul on their antics,” Senator Lederman said.

The Rushmore PAC will work tirelessly to make sure the country can end the Obama/Harry Reid gridlock in Washington,” said Lederman. “We have enthusiastically decided to invest in this independent expenditure campaign to expose Mr. Weiland for what he is.”

The Campaign advertisements include a full page advertisement which will appear in several newspapers, as well as a 60 second radio advertisement, with both pointing out the inconsistencies of Rick Weiland’s words and his deeds.


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