May 27

South Dakotans deserve a Senator who won’t run & hide when the going gets tough.

As you know, the Rushmore PAC has been active in South Dakota politics in supporting conservative candidates for election to office.  And if you remember, we’re also active in helping conservatives make an informed decision.

In the interest of full disclosure, We have pursued a civil lawsuit against State Representative Stace Nelson, who is now a US Senate candidate, because of his involvement in illegal robocalls. If you’d like to read more about it, you can do so here.

With that being said, State Representative Nelson, also a candidate for the US Senate, has been deceiving voters about what happened this past legislative session in Pierre. For House Bill 1228, in a vote to allow the 2nd amendment to be as valid in the State Capitol as it is on the sidewalk, Nelson took a walk on the vote to avoid taking an anti-gun vote.

Then, Representative Nelson hid in the bathroom, despite multiple attempts to convince him to come out and vote.

We believe we need bravery in government, to require our elected officials to take the tough stances in Washington. That is why we believe that regardless of who you choose, you should be aware of Nelson’s propensity to avoid certain votes.

In the interest of education, we here at Rushmore PAC have produced the following commercial:

Would you like to see this commercial on the air? Make a donation to the Rushmore Political Action Committee today.

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