Rushmore PAC Formed to Elect Leaders with South Dakota Values

Thank you for visiting our site and learning about Rushmore PAC, an organization devoted to supporting candidates who adhere to the conservative ideals of fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual rights. Our legislative goals include a return to the National Security stance of Peace Through Strength, balancing the Federal Budget and Energy Independence.

We have been actively working to support leaders and candidates from around the country who embrace South Dakota values. We need more candidates elected to office who want to reduce America’s reliance on the federal government, keep our nation safe and balance the books. Every family has to balance their check book, put gas in their car and strive to live in prosperous and safe communities. They want to know that they have leaders elected to office looking out for them.

We have found an outpouring of support around the country for an organization based on common-sense conservative values found in the people and leadership of South Dakota. When I introduce our mission statement and explain our grounding in South Dakota values, people from around the country are intrigued. Our supporters seem to naturally gravitate towards those values that we find common place in the Rushmore State.

I hope that you stop back and learn more about the candidates we support and the values we reward.


Dan Lederman


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  1. Looking to touch base regarding the process for vetting candidates for the Rushmore PAC.

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