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Nov 14

Guest Column: Senator Mike Rounds – Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Legacy

(I wanted to share this column with Rushmore PAC members, as it sums up the work we have ahead in undoing the damage that President Obama has done to our foreign policy – Dan) Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy Legacy By Senator Mike Rounds November 10, 2016 Since President Obama took office nearly eight years ago, …

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Dec 08

New Words for a New World

Text of speech outline delivered by Newt Gingrich at NDU on December 1, 2015. Posted with permission of Speaker Gingrich We are living in a world rapidly evolving away from the mental constructs and language of the last 375 years. These ideas can be traced to the Treaty of Westphalia ending the 30 Years War …

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Jul 22

John Kerry and Lies About Iran

From my email box from Newt Gingrich and originally published at the Washington Times. John Kerry and Lies About Iran   Secretary of State John Kerry entered politics 45 years ago on a platform of opportunistic anti-Americanism and false peace with totalitarianism. Then as now mistaking dishonor for political heroism, Mr. Kerry lied to the American …

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Jun 23

Rushmore PAC helps to secure a win again!

Since it’s inception, the Rushmore PAC has worked hard to ensure success in electing conservative pro-growth candidates to office at all levels through both our Federal PAC, as well as our State PAC. And the recent city elections in South Dakota continue to show that the Rushmore PAC can make it happen.   Steve Allender …

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Apr 01

Rushmore PAC seeking South Dakota Candidates. Experience a plus. Carpetbaggers can just forget it.

Tonight, the Rushmore PAC started a campaign to aid a candidate for a small local race for City Commission in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  And you might be asking “Why?”.  We get involved in big races, we get involved in fierce races, we get involved in legislative races. And here was a good public servant in …

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Mar 28

It’s time for America to support her allies in the middle east. Not her ‘frenemies’

Do you know what I’m referring to when I mention the slang term ‘frenemies?’  It’s referring to someone who is a false friend; someone who says what you want to hear to your face, but turns around and attacks you at every turn.   That’s not someone who you want to put a lot of trust …

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Feb 13

Governor Daugaard encourages President to sign the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

This was a good move by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard – Great Job! Governors Urge President Obama To Reconsider Keystone XL PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has joined with other governors from across the country to urge President Obama to reconsider his decision to veto the Keystone XL pipeline bill. “If built, the pipeline …

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Feb 10

Rounds, Toomey stand strong for America, and against Islamic Terrorism.

About 2 weeks ago, a measure was brought in front of the Senate Banking Committee to bring sanctions against the terrorist regime of Iran. South Dakota’s newest representative in the US Senate, Senator Mike Rounds, took a decidedly different path than his predecessor, Senator Tim Johnson.  While Johnson made a particular point to follow President …

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Jan 15

Why We Are Losing To Radical Islam

By Newt Gingrich The United States has been at war with radical Islamist terrorism for at least 35 years, starting with the November 1979 Iranian seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and taking of 52 American hostages. President Jimmy Carter , in his State of the Union address two months later, declared the American …

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Jan 13

Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.

Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.  In some states, the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be preparing to go to Kindergarten this fall. At the age of six, it’s become a national embarrassment over the lack of inaction from the Obama administration towards approving a …

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