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Paul Ryan the Right Choice

In the wake of today’s VP pick everyone has an opinion about the decision, including myself. Last year I had an opportunity to visit with Congressman Paul Ryan in Chicago. I was impressed by his resolve, determination and leadership in fighting to control the federal budget. His leadership and political courage are to be commended. …

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Romney Delivers Strong Foreign Policy Message in Jerusalem

After four years of snubbing our only Democratic ally in the Middle East by the Obama Administration, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney makes clear the support Israel would have from the United States if elected. Transcript of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech in Jerusalem July 29, 2012 Thank you for that kind introduction, Mayor Barkat, and …

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Campaign 2012: The Candidates on Energy Policy

Energy Independence is something that all the candidates talk about, but there are some major diffrences between the candidates when it comes to the details. Click the link to see where each candidate stands. From the Council on Foreign Relations Amid ongoing economic struggles, the cost and availability of energy resources have become contentious issues …

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