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Romney Delivers Strong Foreign Policy Message in Jerusalem

After four years of snubbing our only Democratic ally in the Middle East by the Obama Administration, Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney makes clear the support Israel would have from the United States if elected. Transcript of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech in Jerusalem July 29, 2012 Thank you for that kind introduction, Mayor Barkat, and …

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McKeon Blasts Obama Over Defense Cuts

  In a recent speech about Reagan’s foreign policy legacy, Rep. McKeon criticized the President over proposed defense cuts. McKeon understands better than most that Peace Through Strength should be key to our foreign policy and national security. From the Ventura County Star McKeon labeled Obama’s proposed defense cuts as “shameful.” He said they would …

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Why The World Needs America

Bill Clinton and other leading liberals seem to believe that ¬†the decline of U.S. predominance is something that we should embrace and prepare for. This kind of fatalistic thinking is supported by the belief that the world would continue to operate in much the same way with or without American influence because of ¬†global institutions …

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