Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.

Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.

 In some states, the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be preparing to go to Kindergarten this fall.

At the age of six, it’s become a national embarrassment over the lack of inaction from the Obama administration towards approving a project that would have employment benefits for our nation, strong tax revenue enhancement for several states, will improve the world’s supply of crude oil, lessen oil dependence on the unstable middle east, and has implications for our closest international trading partner, Canada.

In April, the Washington Post chided President Obama’s administration on it’s indecision:

IF FOOT-DRAGGING were a competitive sport, President Obama and his administration would be world champions for their performance in delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Last Friday afternoon, the time when officials make announcements they hope no one will notice, the State Department declared that it is putting off a decision on Keystone XL indefinitely — or at least, it seems, well past November’s midterm elections.

Read it here.

When those mid-term elections were over, the party of the president suffered historic losses over this type of failed policy. They lost several incumbents, and Mary Landriau of Lousiana, was literally sacrificed over their thumb-twiddling and passive-aggressive pseudo-rejection of Keystone.

With a Congress reinforced with Republicans, and a newly Republican-turned US Senate, the time for foot dragging is over. Bills are passing mandating that the President act.

And yet even facing that reality, among his own Democratic constituencies President Obama continues to act like “Ado Annie” from Oklahoma, refusing to decide on which of his suitors to pick, the Labor Unions in favor of Keystone, or the radical environmentalists against it.  (The rest of the citizens of the US be damned, as far as he’s concerned.)

Thankfully, the decision is going to be taken out of his hands by a united, and bi-partisan Congress acting to move the ball forward, since the man who is supposed to be quarterback is lounging at the water cooler.

The President is going to face what he’s been able to avoid – a measure he has to act on.

And the public is going to finally see who the obstructionist has been all along.

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