Keystone XL And National Security

As much as the President would like this issue to go away, many Republicans in the House and Senate are doing the hard work necessary to keep this issue a priority.  Sen. Lugar recently sought to remind the President that oil and energy are not just economic issues, but security issues as well. Given Iran’s recent threats of an oil embargo, and Iran’s efforts to increase ties with Hugo Chavez,  the President’s decision to scrap Keystone XL takes on a whole new significance.From Sen. Lugar via The Miami Herald

Venezuela, in sympathy with its friend Iran, could at the same time cut off its oil exports to the United States or take other steps to disrupt oil supplies.

Yet the administration has paid little attention to Venezuela’s tightening links with Iran and the consequences for U.S. security. The most glaring recent example is President Obama’s cavalier decision last year to delay construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring Canadian oil down to Gulf Coast refineries that now rely heavily on Venezuelan crude. Ending our energy dependence on Venezuela would take the oil weapon out of Chávez’s hands, in effect disarming him without firing a shot. 

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