Rounds, Toomey stand strong for America, and against Islamic Terrorism.

About 2 weeks ago, a measure was brought in front of the Senate Banking Committee to bring sanctions against the terrorist regime of Iran. South Dakota’s newest representative in the US Senate, Senator Mike Rounds, took a decidedly different path than his predecessor, Senator Tim Johnson.  While Johnson made a particular point to follow President Obama blindly, on the 29th of January, unlike his predecessor, Mike Rounds decidedly diverged from the President, and followed a hard- line against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But, this should come as nothing new to South Dakotans.  When serving as Governor, Now Senator Rounds signed the Iran Divestment Bill in SD as Governor to ensure that South Dakota would force state-controlled pension and trust funds to divest themselves of more than $68 million worth of stock in foreign companies doing business in Iran.

On the U.S. State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, Iran manufactured and distributed weapons used in attacks against members of the American military in Iraq. Rounds took a definitive stand then to divest the State of South Dakota from companies doing business in Iran – money which flowed to terrorism in a number of ways, including through tax dollars and oil royalties.

And Rounds wasn’t the only one on the Committee who stood for our soldiers.  In the Committee, Senator Pat Toomey gave a powerful speech at the Committee Hearing, which I’ve embedded for your review below.

With Senators like Mike Rounds, and Pat Toomey, we stand a strong chance of sending the right message to Iran – If you want to be accepted as a member of the world community in good standing, stop your support of terrorism.

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