Governor Daugaard encourages President to sign the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

This was a good move by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard – Great Job!

Governors Urge President Obama To Reconsider Keystone XL

PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has joined with other governors from across the country to urge President Obama to reconsider his decision to veto the Keystone XL pipeline bill.

“If built, the pipeline would transport about 100,000 barrels of oil per day from the Bakken. That would help alleviate some of the congestion we’re experiencing with our rail system and allow farmers better access to ship their products to market,” said Gov. Daugaard. “In making his decision, I hope the President will take the needs of South Dakota and other states into consideration.”

Twenty-two governors signed the Keystone XL letter which details how the United States would benefit from the pipeline. The governors cite support from some of the nation’s largest labor unions and the State Department Analyses which concluded that the project will not have a significant environmental impact.

The U.S. House approved the Senate version of the Keystone XL bill yesterday by a 270 to 152 vote. The bill now goes to the President.


Rounds, Toomey stand strong for America, and against Islamic Terrorism.

About 2 weeks ago, a measure was brought in front of the Senate Banking Committee to bring sanctions against the terrorist regime of Iran. South Dakota’s newest representative in the US Senate, Senator Mike Rounds, took a decidedly different path than his predecessor, Senator Tim Johnson.  While Johnson made a particular point to follow President Obama blindly, on the 29th of January, unlike his predecessor, Mike Rounds decidedly diverged from the President, and followed a hard- line against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But, this should come as nothing new to South Dakotans.  When serving as Governor, Now Senator Rounds signed the Iran Divestment Bill in SD as Governor to ensure that South Dakota would force state-controlled pension and trust funds to divest themselves of more than $68 million worth of stock in foreign companies doing business in Iran.

On the U.S. State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism, Iran manufactured and distributed weapons used in attacks against members of the American military in Iraq. Rounds took a definitive stand then to divest the State of South Dakota from companies doing business in Iran – money which flowed to terrorism in a number of ways, including through tax dollars and oil royalties.

And Rounds wasn’t the only one on the Committee who stood for our soldiers.  In the Committee, Senator Pat Toomey gave a powerful speech at the Committee Hearing, which I’ve embedded for your review below.

With Senators like Mike Rounds, and Pat Toomey, we stand a strong chance of sending the right message to Iran – If you want to be accepted as a member of the world community in good standing, stop your support of terrorism.

Why We Are Losing To Radical Islam

IMG_4550.JPGBy Newt Gingrich

The United States has been at war with radical Islamist terrorism for at least 35 years, starting with the November 1979 Iranian seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and taking of 52 American hostages. President Jimmy Carter , in his State of the Union address two months later, declared the American captives “innocent victims of terrorism.”

For the next two decades, radical Islamist terrorism grew more powerful and more sophisticated. On Sept. 11, 2001, a remarkably sophisticated effort by Islamist terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Americans in New York City, Washington, D.C., and western Pennsylvania.

In response to the worst attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, President George W. Bush told a joint session of Congress: “Our war on terror begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.”

We have clearly failed to meet that goal. After more than 13 years of war, with thousands of Americans dead, tens of thousands of Americans wounded, and several trillion dollars spent, the U.S. and its allies are losing the war with radical Islamism. The terrorists of Islamic State are ravaging Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram is widening its bloody swath through Nigeria, al Qaeda and its affiliates are killing with impunity in Somalia, Yemen and beyond, and the Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan. The killings in Paris at Charlie Hebdo and at a kosher supermarket are only the most recent evidence of the widening menace of radical Islamism.

Confronted with the atrocities in Paris, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told his people on Jan. 10 that they were at war: “It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity.”

Yet France, like the U.S. government, doesn’t have a strategy for victory in this war. Ad hoc responses to attacks have failed to stop the growing threat. We remain vulnerable to a catastrophic attack (or series of smaller attacks) that would have dark and profound consequences for the American people and for freedom around the world.

The U.S. and its allies must now design a strategy to match a global movement of radical Islamists who sincerely want to destroy Western civilization.

Congress should lead the way, first by convening hearings that outline the scale and nature of the threat. Additional hearings should seek advice from a wide range of experts on strategies to defeat radical Islamists.

Understanding the global threat, outlining strategies that might lead to its defeat, identifying the laws and systems that need to be changed to implement those strategies—all are complex problems that will require months to sort out. But the American people will rise to the challenge if they are given the facts about the real dangers we face.

Here is an outline of the sequence of topics that Congress should investigate:

1) The current strength and growth rate of radical Islamists around the world. We need a detailed sense of the total picture. The scale of the threat from this nihilistic global movement, I suspect, will be stunning.

2) The country-by-country danger. Americans simply don’t realize how dire the situation is in specific areas. Boko Haram has killed thousands more people in Nigeria alone than Ebola has in all of Africa, according to data compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Centers for Disease Control. One or more hearings should focus on each center of radical Islamism, including Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

3) The role of the Muslim Brotherhood. The group is vital to the global radical Islamist movement, yet so little understood by Washington elites that it deserves its own set of hearings.

4) The primary sources of radical Islamist funding, especially Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Iran.

5) The Arab countries—including Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria—that have successfully contained and minimized radical Islamists. We must learn how this was accomplished and what aspects should be replicated.

6) Radicalization in mosques and on social media. How are young Muslims being drawn into terrorism? What can be done to counter a seductive message that has reached deep into Europe and the U.S. and inspired jihadists by the thousands to travel to the Middle East for terrorist training that can be exported back home?

7) The Islamist cyberthreat. The hacking of the U.S. Central Command’s social-media accounts this week apparently didn’t inflict serious damage, but the episode was evidence of a new front in the fight against terrorism.

Once congressional hearings have outlined the scale of the challenge, it is essential to turn to the sources of our enemies’ strategic thinking and doctrine. Doing so will be controversial, but it is vital to understand the motivations and assumptions of the radical Islamist movement.

On Feb. 22, 1946, U.S. attaché to Moscow George Kennan sent what became known as the “Long Telegram.” In 8,000 words, he outlined the nature of Soviet Union communism with clarity and force. His analysis shaped much of the American transition to a policy of containing the Soviet Union. It is a tragedy, if not a scandal, that nearly 14 years after 9/11, we are still in need of an equivalent “Long Telegram” about the nature of radical Islamism.

The terrorists are immersed in Islamic history and doctrine. It is extraordinary that the political correctness of Western elites has discouraged the study of what inspires those who dream of slaughtering us. Congress should hold hearings on the historic patterns, doctrines and principles that drive the radical Islamists. No doubt these facts will make some of our elites uncomfortable. They should. We must understand the deep roots of Islamist beliefs, like the practice of beheading, if we are going to combat them.

Finally, having held hearings on the enemy and its thinking, Congress must hold hearings on strategies for achieving victory. Once the hearings are complete, preferably this year, Congress should form a commission of the wisest witnesses it heard and charge them with designing a national strategy for winning the global war against radical Islamists. If the current administration doesn’t embrace the strategy, then it can become part of the 2016 presidential campaign: Who wants to get America on offense, with a coherent and intelligible strategy, against those who would destroy us?

Mr. Gingrich, a CNN contributor, is a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.

Who’s the obstructionist? It’s time now for President Obama to make a decision on Keystone XL.

 In some states, the Keystone XL Pipeline project would be preparing to go to Kindergarten this fall.

At the age of six, it’s become a national embarrassment over the lack of inaction from the Obama administration towards approving a project that would have employment benefits for our nation, strong tax revenue enhancement for several states, will improve the world’s supply of crude oil, lessen oil dependence on the unstable middle east, and has implications for our closest international trading partner, Canada.

In April, the Washington Post chided President Obama’s administration on it’s indecision:

IF FOOT-DRAGGING were a competitive sport, President Obama and his administration would be world champions for their performance in delaying the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Last Friday afternoon, the time when officials make announcements they hope no one will notice, the State Department declared that it is putting off a decision on Keystone XL indefinitely — or at least, it seems, well past November’s midterm elections.

Read it here.

When those mid-term elections were over, the party of the president suffered historic losses over this type of failed policy. They lost several incumbents, and Mary Landriau of Lousiana, was literally sacrificed over their thumb-twiddling and passive-aggressive pseudo-rejection of Keystone.

With a Congress reinforced with Republicans, and a newly Republican-turned US Senate, the time for foot dragging is over. Bills are passing mandating that the President act.

And yet even facing that reality, among his own Democratic constituencies President Obama continues to act like “Ado Annie” from Oklahoma, refusing to decide on which of his suitors to pick, the Labor Unions in favor of Keystone, or the radical environmentalists against it.  (The rest of the citizens of the US be damned, as far as he’s concerned.)

Thankfully, the decision is going to be taken out of his hands by a united, and bi-partisan Congress acting to move the ball forward, since the man who is supposed to be quarterback is lounging at the water cooler.

The President is going to face what he’s been able to avoid – a measure he has to act on.

And the public is going to finally see who the obstructionist has been all along.

Midwest-based Rushmore PAC relishes increasing influence in national elections

Midwest-based Rushmore PAC relishes increasing influence in national elections


Sioux Falls, SD. In a display of its growing influence on the national political stage, the South Dakota based Rushmore PAC announced the results of its efforts in this years’ midterm election cycle. Touting a 100% win rate in the fall elections, the Rushmore PAC is very proud to have supported candidates nationwide ranging from Corey Gardner in Colorado to Mike Rounds in South Dakota.


“The Rushmore PAC stands for fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual rights,” stated Executive Director Doug Gold. “We got aggressive this cycle in seeking out candidates nationwide that embody these principles and could not be prouder of the investments we made in such stellar candidates,” added Mr. Gold. “We are especially looking forward to the change in leadership in the United States Senate, the hopes of forward momentum for our issues, and legislative initiatives which reflect the principles we stand by,” Mr. Gold said in closing.


lederman_newPAC’s, short for Political Action Committees, are political organizations where groups of people raise money privately and contribute to candidates in hopes of promoting candidates or legislation, especially at the federal level.


“Our PAC, while domiciled in South Dakota, has a national focus with the goal of supporting candidates across our great Country who believe in our principles,” stated Chairman and Founder Dan Lederman. “Our supporters from around the Country endorse this view, which is why we financially supported remarkable Senate candidates like Mike Rounds (SD), Tom Cotton (AK) and Corey Gardner (CO), as well as our friends in the House like Sean Duffy (WI), Steven King (IA) and Martha McSally (AZ),” added Mr. Lederman.

“In South Dakota, we made strong efforts to educate voters about the differences between Mike Rounds and his opponents. It was especially important to counter misinformation coming from big East Coast liberal PACs who had dedicated millions in an attempt to distort the news cycle, and confuse voters about the Weiland record. We’re proud to have focused resources, and to make it right.”

“Also important to our donors, we were able to accomplish our goals with overhead at no more than 5% of what was donated. The Rushmore PAC runs a very lean operation, and we make sure that our donor funds go to what they intend it for – and that’s for promoting a conservative, pro-business and pro-energy government,” Lederman added.

Rushmore PAC starts ad campaign directed at Weiland hypocrisy.

Rushmore PAC starts ad campaign directed at Weiland hypocrisy.

After campaigning on the premise of “telling the billionaires and special interests that they can’t buy South Dakota” it turns out that 63% of Mr. Weiland’s campaign donations have come from out of state and that ads attacking his opponent, Mike Rounds, came from dark money and Soros funding.

lederman_newSouth Dakota State Senator Dan Lederman and the Rushmore Political Action Committee are taking direct action to educate the public, and to pierce through the hype to educate voters about the political advertisements that out-of-State PACs have been filling state airwaves with.

“Our PAC, domiciled in South Dakota, has the goal of supporting candidates who believe in our principles and the notion that we must reverse the trend of lies and hypocrisy coming out of Washington,” stated Chairman and Founder Dan Lederman. “Other like-minded South Dakotans are fed up with the hypocrisy coming out of Washington, as the big money DC special interests seek to add one of their own in Rick Weiland to the ranks of double talkers who do one thing in Washington, and another back home. We’re here to tell the truth.”

“We can’t send another hypocrite to Washington who is going to blindly follow Harry Reid, who has Washington in a logjam by refusing to let legislation move forward. On one hand Rick Weiland has disavowed big money, but on the other his campaign brags about how they know all the big money players. At some point, someone has to call foul on their antics,” Senator Lederman said.

The Rushmore PAC will work tirelessly to make sure the country can end the Obama/Harry Reid gridlock in Washington,” said Lederman. “We have enthusiastically decided to invest in this independent expenditure campaign to expose Mr. Weiland for what he is.”

The Campaign advertisements include a full page advertisement which will appear in several newspapers, as well as a 60 second radio advertisement, with both pointing out the inconsistencies of Rick Weiland’s words and his deeds.


Hypocrite Ad-2 (2)

Rushmore PAC Hosts Event with Governor Mike Rounds and US Senator Chuck Grassley

Join the Rushmore PAC as we welcome US Senate Candidate, South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds and special guest, US Senator Chuck Grassley for a Brunch Meeting.

Click here or the image below to reserve your seat today!

rounds grassley button


MONROEThe worst part of elections is having to make those conciliatory calls to the candidates you’ve backed who gave it their all, but only fell a few votes short. You know it’s been a great election day when you don’t have to make any consolation calls, because every last one of your candidates won.

This primary election, the Rushmore PAC successfully backed State Senate Candidates Phil Jensen, Jeff Monroe, Gary Cammack and Terri Haverly.

Our support included consultation with PAC staff on fundraising and other aspects of campaigning, assistance with mailings and list management, and direct monetary assistance.

In 4 out of the 4 South Dakota State Senate Races we were involved in, despite fierce challenges from other Republicans, every candidate we supported was able to get past the finish line and be victorious in their election contests.

Each of these conservative Republican candidates moves forward to the fall elections with a decisive victory under their belt.

If you’d like to help these, and other conservative candidates win elections, consider supporting the RUSHMORE PAC with a donation to get conservative Republicans elected in South Dakota.

South Dakotans deserve a Senator who won’t run & hide when the going gets tough.

As you know, the Rushmore PAC has been active in South Dakota politics in supporting conservative candidates for election to office.  And if you remember, we’re also active in helping conservatives make an informed decision.

In the interest of full disclosure, We have pursued a civil lawsuit against State Representative Stace Nelson, who is now a US Senate candidate, because of his involvement in illegal robocalls. If you’d like to read more about it, you can do so here.

With that being said, State Representative Nelson, also a candidate for the US Senate, has been deceiving voters about what happened this past legislative session in Pierre. For House Bill 1228, in a vote to allow the 2nd amendment to be as valid in the State Capitol as it is on the sidewalk, Nelson took a walk on the vote to avoid taking an anti-gun vote.

Then, Representative Nelson hid in the bathroom, despite multiple attempts to convince him to come out and vote.

We believe we need bravery in government, to require our elected officials to take the tough stances in Washington. That is why we believe that regardless of who you choose, you should be aware of Nelson’s propensity to avoid certain votes.

In the interest of education, we here at Rushmore PAC have produced the following commercial:

Would you like to see this commercial on the air? Make a donation to the Rushmore Political Action Committee today.

Great Rushmore PAC Event with Attorney General Marty Jackley and Governor Mike Rounds

Rushmore PAC held a great event last night in support of Attorney General Marty Jackley with special guest Governor Mike Rounds. Thanks to Rushmore PAC members we raised more than $5000 to help with Marty Jackley’s re-election and state legislative races.

Marty Jackley has worked hard to protect the individual rights of our citizens and state. Jackley has stood with other attorney generals for our Second Amendment rights and religious freedom at the national level and here at home.

Our group is proud to support Marty Jackley’s re-election campaign and look forward to his continued service. Special thanks to Governor Rounds and all the event sponsors, attendees and supporters that made the event a success!


State Senator Dan Lederman and Attorney General Marty Jackley


Attorney General Marty Jackley

State Senator Dan Lederman, State Rep. Jim Bolin and State Rep. Dave Anderson

State Senator Dan Lederman, State Rep. Jim Bolin and State Rep. Dave Anderson

Rushmore PAC Dinner with Attorney General Marty Jackley and Governor Mike Rounds

Rushmore PAC Dinner with Attorney General Marty Jackley and Governor Mike Rounds