Keystone XL Construction areas preparing for protests by radical groups who seek to stop pipeline

The Associated Press is reporting that officials in Butte County, South Dakota are preparing for radical leftist protesters whose sole aim is to stop the progress the country has seen in energy independence after the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline after president Trump took office:

Part of the pipeline is slated to be built through the northeastern corner of Butte County. The county currently holds its inmates at the Meade County Jail in Sturgis. The pipeline will also run through that county.

Butte County Sheriff Fred Lamphere said he’s concerned that the jail would fill up quickly should civil disturbances occur. He expects other nearby areas to also have limited space, so officials struck an agreement with a county nearly 270 miles east.

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Recognizing the logistic headaches that anti-energy protesters inflicted upon North Dakotans during their siege of the Dakota Access Pipeline, officials are pre-planning the housing of those who may try to commit acts of trespass, property damage, or in a worst case scenario, become violent.

At one point, North Dakota cleanup crews removed an incredible 48 million pounds of garbage and debris from the Dakota Access protest camp in March of 2017 – and they still had more garbage to go.

South Dakota county officials would be well advised to continue with their preparations. With North Dakota as a preview of what’s ahead, it could be a bumpy ride!

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