Results! Madison Grimm reinstated as USFW Duck Stamp Winner

If you hadn’t read about it, this week, Rushmore PAC chair Dan Lederman had written US Fish & Wildlife about their taking away the award of a 6 year old Duck Stamp contest winner because some protested that someone her age could not be that talented.
USFW Letter Final

Today, they reversed their decision:

Madison Grimm is a winner again.

A federal agency on Thursday restored the 6-year-old South Dakota girl as top young artist in this year’s junior duck stamp competition.

Madison is the daughter of Adam and Janet Grimm of rural Burbank, near Vermillion.

She had learned April 19 that she won the annual duck stamp contest, then was told April 26 that she had been disqualified amid questions of how she had done her painting.

Then Thursday came another reversal with news she had won again.

“I think somebody called Daddy and told him,” she said Thursday night.

She said she was excited and a little bit surprised by the back-and-forth way that things worked out.

Adam Grimm said Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, had called him with the news.

Ashe’s office later issued a statement from Arlington, Va.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that after careful reconsideration, it will reinstate Madison Grimm, 6, of Burbank, S.D., as the winner of the 2013 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest,” it said.

Read it all here.

Sometimes, being about conservative values isn’t just about spending less. It’s about protecting the least of us from those that wield power against them simply because they think they can.

Congratulations to 6 year Old Madison Grimm for winning the junior Duck Stamp competition. Again.

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