Rushmore PAC announces our Rushmore Frontier candidates

The Rushmore PAC was originally founded last year to support federal candidates that adhered to the ideals of peace through strength, balancing the federal budget and energy independence. The federal committee has been successful in collecting over $40,000 and continues to raise funds for this election cycle. Our contributions have helped federal candidates like Kristi Noem and Rick Berg as well as state-wide candidates like Chris Nelson and Marty Jackley.

This year the state-level Rushmore PAC was formed to help state legislative candidates who adhere to the conservative ideals of fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual rights. We are proud to announce the candidates we are supporting for the state legislature and will work towards their election and others this November.

We’ve announced our support of candidates for re-election, now, here’s our list of newcomers that our group urges your support of. Rushmore PAC is proud to endorse these fresh faces to the South Dakota legislative races and will work toward their victory on November 6th!:

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