Rushmore PAC strongly support efforts confronting the insidious, hate filed, and anti-Semitic “BDS”


Rushmore PAC strongly support efforts in states to pass anti-discrimination bills aimed at confronting the insidious, hate filed, and anti-Semitic “BDS” movement which seeks, not peace but, the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state of Israel. Their leaders say as much.

It is no secret that under the guise of human rights, this campaign exists to give a voice to opponents who oppose the very existence of a Jewish state. Moreover, their actions often give way to violence and intimidation against Jews. In the United States, and around the world,  we have seen an uptick in anti-Semitic incidents. This is particularly evident on American college campuses.

BDS activists advocate economic pressure on businesses to cease business activities in Israel and pressure Israeli businesses, and academics, both in Israel and abroad. This effort is economic warfare meant to weaken Israeli’s position in the region and throughout the world. Additionally, this effort also harms the very people it claims to help. Palestinians have lost good paying jobs with high salaries and benefits because Israeli companies have been forced to move their factories and offices because of pressure from BDS activists. These Palestinians have not been able to find comparable jobs and their families suffer.

It must be asked why these groups that claim to be human rights advocates focus and fixate on the Jewish state when there are hundreds of territorial disputes ongoing around the globe. Atrocities and human rights violations persist unabated throughout the world. The recent genocide and slaughter in Aleppo, Syria is just one such example.

At Rushmore PAC we believe that boycotts of entities and individuals of specific countries very often amount to ethnic, religious, racial, and or nationality discrimination. This discrimination is unacceptable and directly contradicts the ideals of good government, public policy of the state government, and our shared common values.

Individuals and groups, of course, have the right to boycott and protest. That is the right of every American citizen. But states absolutely have the discretion to determine how to spend state dollars. We encourage states, and state legislators and policy makers to unequivocally oppose those that practice discriminatory tactics against Israel and Jews.

Israel is America’s greatest ally in the Middle East. It is the only democracy in a region full of dictators and strongmen who deny their citizens fundamental human rights. Rushmore PAC will be supporting candidates who stand up to anti-Semitic discrimination and who fight back with anti-BDS legislation in their states.

To date, 15 states have passed such laws, and one has enacted an executive order. We encourage states to pass these laws that reaffirm the strength of the US-Israel bond, the importance of strong trade relations between states and the nation of Israel, denounce discrimination, and fight back against the economic warfare aimed at the Jewish state.


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