Rushmore PAC working hard to elect conservatives to office. Pushing hard in Watertown, SD for Steve Thorson for Mayor.

As one of South Dakota’s leading conservative organizations, Rushmore PAC is committed to supporting candidates who support conservative values in both word and deed. For several election cycles now, Rushmore PAC has worked hard to elect conservative voices to office in State, Federal, and Local Elections and recently, we’ve been pushing hard to re-elect a conservative voice in Watertown, South Dakota.

Watertown Mayor Steve Thorson has been a driving force for growth and free enterprise. When community projects were in danger of floundering, Mayor Steve Thorson took notice, and made it happen.

Unfortunately, there are those who stand against progress. After being fired from her job with the city for insubordination, Sarah Caron took out petitions to run against the mayor, and has been engaged in a negative campaign, making unsubstantiated charges and allegations to gain traction.

Shortly thereafter, local Watertown residents contacted Rushmore PAC, and helped us spring into action to counter the attack politics of Caron which unfortunately have become more common in campaigns today.

With the encouragement of local residents, we’ve been running newspaper ads, radio ads, and a series of mailers highlighting Thorson’s positive record of growth through development and economic freedom.

The Watertown race represents the most recent local election we’ve been involved in, having previously been engaged in municipal races in Iowa & South Dakota, including the Rapid City Mayoral race, as well as a local Aberdeen election where we raised money to stop the most liberal Democrat in South Dakota, after he took out petitions only days after moving to the community!

We’ve also long been engaged in State elections such as Governor and Attorney General, and State Legislative elections, as well as races at the Federal level, such as Congress & US Senate. Our local leaders are our future Senators and Congressmen, and we’re proud to help elect the right people to office at every level of Government.

Unlike some groups, the Rushmore PAC Organization is an open book, and our filings, including lists of our donors, are available for review through the FEC as well as the South Dakota Secretary of State.

On election day, you will have the opportunity to send a true conservative back to City Hall to fight for limited government, community growth, and making sure Watertown continues progressing forward for years to come.

This coming Tuesday, encourage your friends in Watertown, South Dakota to Re-Elect a Leader for Watertown – Mayor Steve Thorson!

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